Our guests at ARCK can now book a new package: the Weltevree experience. Weltevree is Dutch label of outdoor and indoor products that enrich your experience and living environment.

The experience starts around 7 PM. We start with a delicious dinner. Customize a pizza with your favorite toppings and poor in a glas of wine or try a local beer. Under the moonlight, you can then get comfortable in the hot Dutchtub, with the crackling sound of the wood fired oven in the background.


- private use of the Weltevree Dutchtub in the Weltevree pavilion.
- use of bathrobes & towels
- use of the natural oils for the bath water
- use of the outdoor shower
- use of the Weltevree Outdooroven
- fresh pizza with different toppings
- water and bubbles


The Weltevree experience costs 150 euro for 2 persons.
The arrangement is only available if you stay the night in room Doorzicht.

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